“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

- Arthur C. Clarke


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We are not satifisfied until you are.

Responsive Web Development

We can design a responsive website/webapp that will fulfill all of your needs and captivate your users.

Tech Support

Your computers are an essential part of your business. Whether you are looking to set up, secure or repair your machines KLIQ has you covered.

Mobile App Development

Need an Android app made for your company? What about an IOS app? If you want it we'll make it.


While many design studios can build impressively designed websites, and many marketing firms can create web stores with great SEO value, few companies can do both. Enter Kliq.


NEBSL Website

Website Design

Visit the NEBSL site

Villa Shalom Wesite

Website Design

Visit Villa Shalom


App Development

Visit Storetrackr

MK Remote

App Development

Visit the MKRemote site

Kliq Comics


Visit the Kliq Comics page


Antonio Armstrong Web Developer

Christopher Parks Web Developer

Ricardo Augustine Mobile App Developer

Immanuel Smith Software Developer

Kevin Charles Technical Writer

About us

Kliq Software Designs or simply Kliq is a new company that provides high quality websites/webapps, mobile apps and technical support to its clients. In the past simply being seen was enough, however, in today’s market you need more. KSD prides itself on being able to utilize creative ideas and thoughtful execution that brings you and your consumers together in a more holistic and fundamentally human way.

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